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Cattery of British shorthaired silver & golden shaded cats "PEPPERCATS"


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   british golden shaded cats

Cattery of British shorthaired silver & golden  shaded cats "Peppercats" was founded in the year 2000 when a British stud cat, Greendale Sergeant Pepper was brought from the UK from the Pennydown cattery.  It is known that this breed originated in Britain and we decided to set up our own cattery here in Moscow.  Our main aims in doing so were to create the ideal silver shaded/black-tipped type, improve the quality of this breed in Russia and to popularise the breed.


The cats of our cattery are taken regularly to licensed, international shows and have received various awards and titles.  Their quality has been attested to by Russian and International judges.

At the cat shows many visitors surround us, attracted by the beauty and charm of our cats.  It is certainly difficult to go past such cats with their expressive emerald-green eyes, as if drawn around by a black eye pencil reminding one of a young polar fox.british silver shaded cat Petunia Snow Queen

The silver shaded colouring has only been around for about 15 years.  Before that it was only a colour of Persian cats.  The development of this particular colouring continues in many countries. 

The silver gene gives British shorthaired cats an affectionate character.  They love human contact, they are intelligent, there is nothing vindictive in their nature.  They are balanced, loving and peaceful animals who like to be with you constantly but at the same time do not demand too much.  They are a good breed to choose for children never scratching or revealing their claws even in play and also make friends with other household pets (we have a dog and a guinea pig at home too). Have a look at our Photo album

The presence of a silver British shorthaired cat in your home will bring comfort and contentment and you will be able to enjoy them as a companion and as something beautiful to look at. Grangfather of british cat Greendale Sargeant Pepper

 Our kittens are taught to “go to the toilet” from the beginning.  Their claws are trimmed, they have a scratching post to avoid damage to furniture and are taught not to damage house plants.  They are vaccinated at 2 months.

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We invite colleague breeders to collaborate in the development of this unique breed.



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